Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy & Simultaneous Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women, after skin cancer, and the second most frequent cause of cancer death after lung cancer in the general population. In younger ages (35-50) malignancy of the breast is the first leading cause of death among women. One out of nine women will get ill from breast cancer by the age of 85 years. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is of major importance for a woman. This is because the breast is an organ which expresses the femininity of the woman, its loss causes feelings of inferiority, problems with wear, problems in the workplace. Mastectomy leads the woman to avoid sexual intercourse and being apart from her partner. As a conclusion, the loss of the breast can cause anxiety and depression.

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Breast Reconstruction with Implants

Simultaneous breast reconstruction with silicone implants or silicone tissue expanders is the simplest and most common breast reconstruction method after mastectomy. The aesthetic results of this technique were and are much inferior to the ones expected when the mastectomy technique used is the modified radical mastectomy. If, however, the reconstruction technique is combined with the skin and inframammary incision sparing mastectomy technique, the cosmetic results are optimized to such an extent that the new breast is very alike to a normal breast. Of course all actions performed at the same surgical time.

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Breast Reconstruction with autologous tissue (tissue flap)

The use of autologous tissues in immediate breast reconstruction is a method in which a tissue section from the patient's body, which maintains intact the blood flow (flap) is transferred to the position of the lost breast. The most common flaps in immediate breast reconstruction are TRAM: transverse rectus abdominis muscle flap, DIEP: deep inferior epigastric perforator flap, the latissimus dorsi flap and the flaps of penetrating arteries DIEP, SIEP, S-GAP.

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Breast Reconstruction with Bilateral Mastectomy

In cases of women with family history or positive gene BRCA 1 & 2 or under specific conditions a bilateral, prophylactic mastectomy may be performed with skin and nipple retention by placing tissue expanders beneath the pectoralis major muscle, which is usually completed in two stages, but in some cases it can be completed with a single surgery by injecting a specific type of silicone implants (small breast size, use of special materials for the cover of the implants etc).

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