Lymphoedema should be treated in the earliest stage possible and the best treatment is lymphatic massage by qualified physiotherapists, in order to deal with the simptoms and not to create complications. Therefore, the conservative treatment of lymphedema mainly includes:

  •   Specialized physiotherapy
  •    Use of elastic bandages (socks, gloves, etc.)
  •    MASSAGE through special machines
  •    Diligent skin and nail care
  •    Preventing inflammation or treatment with the use of antibiotics
  •    Use of diuretic therapy
  •    Avoiding weight gain, particularly adipose tissue increase
  •    Elevating position of the affected limb

All these intend to relieve swelling and slow the irreversible development, which is particularly annoying, painful and significantly reduces the quality of life of the patient. Today most women with breast cancer manage to overcome the unexpected event that disrupts the balance in their daily lives. It is therefore very important to avoid complications that may complicate their lives and perhaps even more than the problem of malignancy as much as possible.

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