Breast cancer presents an increase in the recent years, being the most frequently diagnosed form of cancer in the female population globally.

Moreover, is the leading cause of death by cancer in women between 35 to 50 years of age.

Undeniable fact is that early diagnosis, in the most incipient stage possible, enables us to provide better confrontation and by completing the necessary treatment, the chances of the disease reappearance are likely to be very small.

From the age of 40, a mammography of 4 views (screening mammography) should be given once a year or at least every 18 months. However, for women between the age of 50 up to 75 years old (postmenopausal period), the annual mammography screening is essential.

Asymptomatic women, who are not at high risk, reaching the age of 35 should do a screening mammography, with at least one image shot from each breast, in order to check micro calcifications.

Digital mammography examination, in regular bases, in conjunction with the required clinical examination in every woman undergoing a mammography, results in the detection of early stage breast cancer and thus, leads to high survival rates, complete cure of the disease, minor surgical surgeries, milder postoperative treatments and reduction of mortality up to 30%.

Through the screening procedure we aim to discover the problem long before it becomes palpable, that at an early stage.

For this reason, the role of clinical consideration of the results of the examinations by qualified doctors is essential. They have the expertise to detect failure which might not emerge clearly only with these tests, such as inflammatory cancer.

In conclusion, the preventive breast control is painless and provides early diagnosis which, in combination with the appropriate therapy literally save lives!

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